lovinglee18: Hello I just recently became a diabetic type one and it was through genetic... in just want to know how do you get through this...

First I’ll start with a welcome to the tumblrbetic community, and to answer your question I’d say just take it one blood sugar check at a time don’t think about what could happen. I’ll use a line that I’ve come accustomed to tell everyone “we have diabetes, diabetes doesn’t have us..” the tumblrbetics here will welcome you and if you need anything don’t be afraid to come my way. If I don’t know the answer I’ll lead you in the right direction


The worst thing about diabetes is you always feel sick. High blood sugar? Sick. Low blood? Sick. In range? So confused itโ€™s in range you feel sick.

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logicalpie: Here's a funny diabetes story for you - I was at a festival this one time with my parents, and we decided to eat out. So there I am, injecting in a field, when this group of adults start pointing at me and whispering, giving my family these outraged sort of looks - My mum got so angry she shouted across the field at them, "Yeah that's right, it's heroine, thought I'd start her early!" and I dunno about anyone else but I die laughing every time I remember that xD

Lmao I definitely have a few of those “oh yeah he’s just in the bathroom shooting up again” stories with my parents l. It’s nothing but love. I was almost kicked out of a restaurant one time for taking insulin in the bathroom stall cause I dropped the cap and it rolled right under the feet of the manager…talk about awkward lol


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