I hate looking weak. I hate vulnerability. I hate feeling like a child. I want to be strong. I want to be brave. I want to stop hurting over the results to a decision I made. This doesn’t make much sense.

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I still have a hard time telling myself that no one will judge you when you pull out your meter to test your blood sugar


t1dom said: I’m just the opposite with highs no motivation to work out at all /:

I feel like I’m the ONLY diabetic who has constant lows and little to no highs. My highs are all rebounds and they drop back down just as fast. 

I’m actually more motivated to exercise when I’m high because I want my sugar to go down. It’s the first thing I think of doing lol

I get bad headaches and don’t want to do anything when I’m on the high side and when I’m low I act like a little kid who just got back from trick or treating lol I hope your lows go away though. Thanks for replying (:

Type 1 Diabetic Tumblr List


Hey guys!

Welcome to the Official Type 1 Diabetic Tumblr List.

Thank you so much to everyone who got involved with the making of this. If you’re not on the list and you’d like to be, send me a message and I’ll include you into the original post :)

Now go forth and…