with type 1 diabetes you start to become a good actor, pretending that you are fine with high or low sugar levels… start talking with confidence in business meetings with 25mmol sugar readings, or continue pretending that you are fine with just 2mmol sugar levels until the break .. hardly anyone notices what you go through or know or care that much… diabetes is a truly invisible disease or people are truly blind to it!

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Things not to do to a diabetic



1.) drink their lucozade. Never ever drink a diabetic’s sugary drink without asking, it’s potentially life threatening if that’s all they have with them for the day and aren’t left with enough for a hypo after you’ve drunk it.

2.) take/ask for their food. It’s pretty much the same reason as…

Thank you for this post!! I have had so many people get angry with me for not sharing my food and drink. Or I have had people not understand why I get angry when they take my food without asking. It’s so annoying when people don’t understand.

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Reblog if we can be dia-buddies 💙

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Reblog if you’ve sprayed a fountain of blood everywhere checking your blood sugar!

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